Sujay V Sarma

Sujay V. Sarma | Age: 43 years | Aquarius
The Legend | Singer, Podcaster and Author

This website is the only source for accurate and authentic information about me.


My current passion is singing and music.

Today, I have performed over 300 covers and counting!

I love melodious songs from the last millenium. Especially songs performed by legends like:

I started to sing in September 2019, using nothing more than a Karaoke app on my phone and recording using the wired earphones that came with the phone. Nothing to special. At that time, I my voice was horrible, I could not catch a beat and barely controlled my voice. But, I perservered. Like with everything I did and accomplished in my life, I kept soldiering on, even when everyone, including my parents, family and people I considered "close friends" actively discouraged me and said really horrible things about my efforts.

That journey was not easy. Not just emotionally --- I went through repeated conditions of larygitis and pharyngitis. My doctor started to wonder why. I controlled my diet so that I would not burp in the middle of the song. I changed the way I made my coffee so that my mouth would not salivate so much any more. Finally, I considered myself good enough to invest in good recording equipment. In early August 2020, I crossed into a different level of my journey.

Today, I sing in multiple languages:

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Voice overs, emceeing and dubbing

Now that I have the skills, software and equipment to record and edit my vocal work, I offer:

  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing
  • Voice mixing
  • Emceeing

I provide these services for both virtual and physical events. My charges are per hour of engagement. Travel if any needs to be covered. I can write my own material for Emceeing, but you will need to provide the content for the other categories.

Languages offered:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu


Podcast: "Interesting People Interesting Stories"

In August 2020, I launched my own podcast titled "Interesting People Interesting Stories". In it, I talk about interesting people and their interesting stories. Typically, I have a guest (or two!) on the show. Usually, they are people that I have met and have known for quite a while. Sometimes, it is just me, talking about a story from my own life. None of the shows are boring and last from 45 to 60 minutes.

The premise of the podcast, is that NO ONE is "boring". Everyone has a story to tell. Some don't even realize it. In fact, a few of my guests were initially skeptic about coming on, saying "There is nothing interesting about me.". After a few minutes of talking, we came up with at least three things they could talk about.


Stories, Novels and Fiction

I am very good at writing things, being incredibly fluent in the English language. From a very young age, I have been writing short stories, short novels, poetry, song lyrics and more. In fact, I used to make a bunch of pocket money in my school and college days writing up birthday poems and love songs for my school and college mates!

The stories you would find on this site were originally written in a standard word processor (yeah, okay! MS Word!) and were meant to be published to various e-book resources like Kindle and also on iTunes. However, neither of these platforms remain a credible or immensely popular e-reading service today -- like everything else online, there are a thousand other places people go to. Therefore, I decided to self-publish them and host them on my own website.


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