Sujay V Sarma

Sujay V. Sarma | Age: 43 years | Aquarius
The Legend | Dyslexic | IT Consultant | Author | Poet | Theoritical Cosmologist

This website is the only source for accurate and authentic information about me.

Current Blog

My current technology blog runs on WordPress and is hosted in Azure. I don't write a lot on it, but I do put down interesting things I learn or go through now and again.

Stories / Fiction

I am currently writing a whole bunch of stories (fiction). These are short stories. Some have just one "chapter", the others are short novels [under 15 chapters].

Singing / Music

I am trying to be an amateur singer. Mostly they are karaoke, some of them are covers. I am learning to sing mostly on my own and with a little help from very good singers.

IT Consult

With 23 years of experience in IT, I provide application and technology consulting in a range of areas leveraging my broad and deep skills.

Theoritical cosmology

I hypotheize, theorize and explain the mysteries of Cosmology and Creation. How was the Universe created? How do stars form? How does it all work? At the macro and micro levels.


I have a collection of over 300 poems and song lyrics composed by me through my life. Most of them make sense. Some of them are nonsense and some of them are brilliant.

Tech Articles (ARCHIVED)

Articles I have written have been published in many technology magazines. There were originally a collection of nearly a thousand articles, most of them seem to have disappeared now.

Blog (Archived)

I used to blog a lot. On various topics. But I have created and destroyed the blog site(s) so many times that not all of the articles are still around. I had ported some of them over to and these are still accessible.

IT Consulting

I have a 23 year career in Information Technology (IT). During that time, I have worked independantly, run my own businesses multiple times and worked at other companies (large and small). My last full time job was at Microsoft (Hyderabad) 7 years ago. Since then, I have been rekindling lost passions and doing things I love. My skills in IT are as follows:

I create/do:

Web applications
Line-of-Business (LoB) applications
E-commerce applications
Enterprise applications
Business applications
Configuring and managing infrastructure services
Set up monitoring and alerting
Troubleshoot, diagnose and fix problems

... using:

.NET Framework
.NET Core 3.0
ASP.NET (Framework)
ASP.NET Core 3.0
ASP.NET Core 3.0 MVC
Windows Services
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Azure
MySQL Server
Azure Storage (File, Table, Queue)
Azure CosmosDB
Visual Studio Team Services (TFS)

I am best known for:

  • Troubleshoot and fix nightmarish problems in production
  • Performance-tuning application code
  • Set up sound SDLC practices (code repo, versioning, developer workflow, etc)
  • Architecture consultation and review
  • Code review
  • Preparing technical documentation for Tenders and Contracts
  • Technical interviews for candidates during hiring
  • Motivation and mentoring of existing technical workforce
  • Career guidance
  • Move entire on-prem application footprint to Azure
  • Set up traffic and incident monitoring with alerts for App Services on Azure
  • Create/Upgrade/Maintain business applications