• 23 years of IT experience
  • Microsoft-stack Guru (.NET and Azure)
  • No challenge is too big!
  • Perfect fit for: PM/TPM, GM (IT), VP (IT) roles
  • Current:: Senior Delivery Manager, Orion Innovation

I have 24 years of diverse IT experience – from education to publication, software engineering to IT operations. I have worked independently, and with organizations ranging from start-ups and XS-firms to XL-MNCs. My #1 skill is finding innovative simple solutions to complex problems. My passion is to grow knowledge and people, both in the teams I work with and in the community out there.

Professional Achievements

  • 3 years formal experience in Program Manager role (though my official title was “SDE 2”) where I was the key India contact for a USD 10 million application portfolio. During my time, I reorganized and rebranded the team, changed the work-culture, made the workflow more efficient by standardizing SDLC processes, improved team morale and turned around the customer success story from “Extremely Dissatisfied” to “Extremely Satisfied”.
  • Found innovatively simple solutions to (all high and wide-ranging impact) 3 long standing customer requests as well as 5 application bugs that have since stood the test of time. At least one of these (a request) became a cross-team standard during application deployments and failovers before it was eventually replaced by MS SCCM. These items seemed insignificant in the beginning but turned out to be game changing when rolled out.
  • Architected 4 projects, 7 products and over 15 code libraries and tools over the past 20 years. Of them, at least 80% are alive to this day without needing significant non-technology updates. I have 29 of these on my GitHub repo ( ) and 15 of them as NuGet packages (SujaySarma.*, more than 6,000 downloads so far). I also run a free REST API service called “OurAirportsAPI” that provides worldwide airport lookup data to the travel industry and handles over 200,000 requests a month.
  • During my time at “PC Quest”, authored close to a thousand articles with over a half-a-million words published. I also handled annual laptop shootouts (these were my specialty), handled logistics and shooting for the “PCQ Live” video magazine, moderated on the “PCQ Forums” and toured the country for internal events like “SMB Quest”, “Developer Quest” and so on – where I both compered as well as had my own presentations to developer, IT manager, CXO audiences.
  • Back in 1999/2001, when I was running my own IT education set up, introduced the concepts of e-learning and e-certifications. I developed my own e-learning portal where I uploaded (text / HTML) versions of the courses I taught. Students enrolled could also take their course completion (and selected intermediate) exams online from their homes. This was then adopted by many other similar sized institutions in the area, prompting some of the bigger institutes to come knocking.

Key Skills

Project management (Agile, Scrum and Waterfall, with combinations of all three), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, Git, Getting the job done, Influence without authority, Team mentoring and guidance, Growing the team, Technical leadership, Time management, Communication, Stakeholder management, Release management, Keeping the lights on in crisis, Crisis management, Fire/P-zero management, Giving credit where due.

Languages and Platforms

  • C# (<= 8.0)
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • CSS 3.0
  • HTML 5.0
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server, including SQL Azure
  • Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, PCQ Linux, Slackware, and more)
  • VB (<= 5.0), VB.NET (.NET 2.0)
  • dBase
  • FoxPro
  • C
  • C++
  • Pascal

Interesting Projects

.NET CORE SDKs FOR AZURE | Azure provides REST APIs that let developers target and control different features on Azure. For each set of features (eg: virtual machines, app services, etc), there is a dedicated REST API endpoint. The “.NET Core SDKs for Azure” features a standalone library for each of these endpoints, grouped logically. The libraries are written in C# 8.0 (nullable enabled) and target .NET Core 3.1.

Source Code | NuGet

CSV PARSER FOR .NET | Data readers and persistence are available for a wide-variety of formats. However, the age-old comma-separated or “.CSV” format finds very little support in .NET and developers are left to fend for themselves while processing .CSV data. Ostensibly this is because the most common pathway to consuming or creating this data is using databases and spreadsheets — which provide built-in mechanisms to handle these formats. While working on a project that had to read/write these files at runtime, from the .NET layer, I found I had to write my own high-performance library. The library is written to RFC specifications, handling multiple ifs and buts in the spec and is highly performant — if you don’t believe me, check out the performance of which uses this library to provide data directly from the backing .csv files.

Source Code | NuGet

Air & Travel Planning System | This is a suite of seven systems built to function both as one entity and as individual service APIs that can be leveraged externally. Together they provide services for: Geo location of the user, finding relevant point of interest (tourism) information, searching for suitable travel itineraries (flights only) and transferring the user to a suitable sale system to complete their reservations.

Corkscrew CMS | Architected from the ground-up to be a low-cost, low-footprint, highly scalable and secure content management system. It features document libraries and data-lists like SharePoint. Corkscrew supports two types of workflows: Corkscrew Code Workflows, Xaml Workflows. It features a built-in workflow compilation system – you upload the source code into it, and Corkscrew’s Workflow Manager compiles and runs it dynamically as needed.

PASE 1.0 & 2.0 | This involved integrating 4 disparate teams with separate processes and cultures into a cohesive single, set up standardized SDLC processes, perform vendor transitions, keep the lights on and deliver week after week at better-than-previous levels. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can probably write a book about it.

“22467” | This was getting to be an infamous IT Ops request where they required a way to manage encryption configuration data during failovers. I turned it into a more general CI tool that became the de facto standard across teams until it was replaced by MS SCCM a few years later.

JCDR Submission Workflow | This was a workflow-driven article submission tool for a peer-reviewed scientific magazine (JCDR). The tool accepts submission of documents and artefacts and takes it through a two-level peer-review process.

Work Experience

12/2020PresentSenior Delivery Manager @ Orion Innovation
Delivering innovations in architecture and processes to create amazing new solutions across the organization, and building and fostering a world-class team.
11/201312/2020Independent IT Consultant
I create cloud applications (primarily .net/c# on Azure) for clients. I have also created multiple SDKs — available on NuGet — tools and API services for public consumption.
02/201211/2013Senior Svc Ops Engineer – Applications @ Microsoft Corporation
Handled service operations for mission critical OA 3.0 (Windows 8) as an L3 as well application SME for 2 critical modules.
03/200802/2012Senior Software Development Engineer @ Microsoft Corporation
Participated in 3 projects (2 of them as Dev Lead, 1 as Senior contributing Dev). Handled Sustain Engineering team, playing dual role of Dev Lead and India PM — $10mn annual portfolio, 40+ applications, 30+ vendor staff team.
01/200803/2008Technical Architect @ Auxano Technologies
06/200712/2007Technical Team Lead @ Orion Systems  
Handled 2 modules of project (3 member Dev team including me), Handled part of calls with Project Manager based in USA. Contributed to architecture of the solution we were building.
02/200706/2007Independent IT Consultant  
Created workflow-driven article submission and review system for independent medical journal JCDR.
08/200202/2007Manager Technology @ Cybermedia  
Managing all the logistics of producing the PCQ Live video magazine, signing off on the content carried on the suggested DVDs, reviewing hardware and software products, planning and writing / contributing major stories, performing the annual laptop “shootout” series, moderator on PCQ Forums, speaking/compeering at various events (Linux Quest, SMB Quest and Developer Quest) all over India.
11/200108/2002Customer Relationship Manager – English @ Garant-Park-Internet (WebMatrixHosting)  
Interact with users of the WebMatrixHosting platform (Microsoft sponsored program to popularize ASP.Net & C#) and provide help and support in English language.
08/200111/2001Senior Reviewer @ Cybermedia  
Reviewing computer hardware and writing articles for PC QUEST computer magazine.
06/200108/2001Independent IT Consultant  
Wrote technical and developer documentation for Xivr, a product of Xtend technologies
04/200106/2001Technical Writer @ Spectrum Softech  
Was tasked with writing use documentation for internally developed medical transcription software. But I automated the same using XSL and won praise from my superiors and peers.
02/200104/2001Independent IT Consultant  
Helped an organization fix pending Y2K bugs in a legacy-converted application, worked on a WinZip clone for a software concern, sold computer hardware and set up IT networking in a couple of schools.
12/199902/2001Founder @ Systems 2000  
Founded and ran a computer education and services institution. Introduced online learning and online testing, conducted corporate training for office staff in Windows, Word and Excel, Introduced Linux classes, conducted computer training/classes in local schools.
12/199812/1999Independent IT Consultant  
Consulted on projects, mentored final year BE Comp Sci students at multiple engineering colleges in Kerala. Mentored and taught C/C++ to those students.
07/199812/1998Faculty Datapro @ Infoworld  
Taught most of the courses – Basics of Computers, Hardware, C/C++. Also helped with student counselling, general centre administration and public promotions.
12/199707/1998Part-time faculty @ Alpha Computers  
Taught C/C++

Education History

  • St. Jude’s Public School, Kotagiri
    Class of 1992 – Std 10, ICSE Board
    81.2% aggregate, 83% in Sci/Math, 86% in PCB
  • Birla Higher Secondary School, Pilani
    Class of 1995 – Std 12, CBSE Board
    75.4% aggregate, 76.5% in PCMC
  • J.J. College of Arts and Science, Pudukottai
    1995 – BS (Comp Sc), Bharatiyar University
    Did almost exactly one semester before leaving to enter the Karnataka CET counselling for BE seats that opened in August that year
  • Dr T Thimmaiah Institute of Technology, Kolar Gold Fields
    (Formerly “Golden Valley Institute of Engineering”)
    1995 – 1997 (Class of 1999) – B.E. (ECE)
    Spent 4 semesters here. A mix of being bad at math and color blindness meant that my second year on was toast. The first semester subject “Engineering Drawing” also proved surprisingly difficult to crack. In the end, I dropped out after the 4th semester, opting to start my career early.

Links and Other Profiles

Personal Website
Microsoft MVP Reconnect